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Basic Trigonometric Ratio

Suitable for: Secondary 2 and above

Anatomy of a Triangle

Let us help you memorise the basic trigonometric ratios!

In a right-angle triangle, the longest side is known as the hypotenuse, while any of the angles apart from the right angle can be defined as Theta.

Taking reference to the angle, the direct opposite edge of the triangle is known as the opposite, while the adjoining side is known as the adjacent.

What is Trigonometric Ratio?

Trigonometric ratio, a.k.a Trigo ratio, in short, is a comparison of any two sides of the right angle triangle usually expressed as a fraction.

The three primary Trigo ratios are sine, cosine and tangent. which are abbreviated as follows and each of them is calculated in the following manner:

Learning Tip

Taking the first letter of each of the words found in the ratios and putting them together, you can easily remember these ratios as TOA (TWAH), CAH (CAR), SOH (SO-OH) which in Hokkien means big foot lady

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